Loop not getting Spike data ? Try some of these fixes.

Note that you will not get Spike readings as expected when using a simulator pump in Loop. In order for Loop to pull Spike data in the expected manner, a physical pump needs to be paired with the Loop app. If you're still waiting for your RileyLink to arrive and have Spike paired with Health at the moment in order to get some data into Loop, remember to disable Health capabilities in Spike when connecting your pump to Loop for the first time.

Make sure that Spike is active in the background

The app must be open and active in order to get readings, and thus to send them to Loop as well. If you're having connectivity issues within Spike, try :

Spike is updating, but Loop isn't

More often than not, the issue lies in Apple Health. Your settings must be :

See the LoopDocs section on Health permissions for more.

If your Health settings are correct, try :

Delayed CGM data, but green loop

Because Spike and Loop's internal clocks aren't perfectly synced, it was not uncommon to get into a spot of looping off of 10 minute old data. However, since October 2019 for dev branch and January 2020 for master branch, there is a fix integrated for this. If you are still experiencing a delay in data, try updating your Loop branch to the newest available version.

Still not working ?

You can try a soft reset of the phone, or even delete Loop completely off of the phone and load it back on if you're in a tight spot and absolutely nothing is working, as a last ditch effort. Before you do that though, double check that your Loop app is displaying the correct version of Loop : it should be the original Loop version name plus -spike on the end. With all these new releases coming out, it's not unheard of that people mix up the folders or projects in Xcode and accidentally deploy the wrong version.

Also, if you'd been previously using a different source - such as Dexcom Share - when you load a new version, Loop keeps all your old settings. This includes whichever CGM source you were using. You'll have to delete that CGM source in order to get Spike to show up as a CGM option.

If you're still stuck, remember to check the LoopDocs for any other non-Spike-specific troubleshooting steps as well.