About my branches

Unless stated otherwise, all code done here is not by me, but by the amazing Loop community. I "specialise" in putting puzzle pieces together, and in mucking around in Terminal because, well, Terminal is fun. My branches are nothing more than the work of others, combined with the work of others.


Loop master 2.2.1 with Spike client integrated.

Last master update :
Last spike-master update :


Loop dev with Spike client integrated.

Last dev update :
Last dev-spike update :

A Note About Spike

Yes, for the 18 millionth time I am reminding you to read the Spike calibration notice before proceeding with any of these downloads. This document should be reviewed regularly, and religiously. You should be able to cite it in your sleep. Say it with me, folks : level, stable, and in range.

You can find the notice in markdown format here, in Google docs format here, and on the Calibration tab up above.

Updating your Build

Please visit this page of the LoopDocs for detailed instructions.