Loop + Spike Wiki

Welcome ! Here you'll find information about Loop, and using Spike as your CGM source. If you're new to Loop and the concept of looping, here's where you should start :

FDA Announcement

The FDA has issued a statement regarding DIY closed loop systems. Please be sure to read it at length before proceeding.

About these docs

The goal of these docs is to help you understand how to use Loop with Spike as your CGM source. By proceeding, you agree to read the file SPIKE_CALIBRATION included in each version of all Loop + Spike branches done by me (found also under the Calibration page of this wiki, as well as on Google docs for easier access), understand that you are enacting this method at your own risk, and agree not to use this technology to make any medical decisions. This technology is not FDA approved, and the algorithm used by Spike is even less so. Please be sure to use all tools at your disposition in order to ensure your safety.